[PORT] Documents for discussion at SWBP F2F

Hi all (& cc. public-esw-thes),

At the SWBP F2F I would like to discuss the following documents:

 (1) SKOS Core Vocabulary Specification
 (2) SKOS Core Guide

The latest version of the SKOS Core Vocabulary Specification is at:


This document provides a summary and overview of the current state of the
SKOS Core vocabulary.  

I had previously suggested the spec would be ready for publication as a
working draft immediately following the F2F (with any required amendments).
However, I am currently thinking that we should hold back a formal
announcement of this document for 2-3 weeks or so.  This is for two reasons:
firstly we could announce it together with the guide; secondly it would give
us time to move many of the newly added SKOS Core terms from an 'unstable'
to a 'testing' status, and to move some of the older SKOS Core terms from a
'testing' to a 'stable' status.

N.B. there are also a couple of proposals under discussion on
public-esw-thes that have not been actioned, and so are not reflected in the
vocab spec, but will hopefully be ready to go within the next 2-3 weeks.

The latest version of the SKOS Core Guide is at:


This really is a *first draft*!! i.e. I just scraped this together from what
was on the SkosDev wiki.  So I'm sure there'll be lot's to talk about re
this document ;)


That's all,


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