[OEP, ALL] Task force web page

The OEP task force now has a web page at 

Take a look at it, send me any feedback, and unless I hear objections I 
think we should link to it from the WG page.

The main point of the page is to keep track in one place (as opposed to 
scattered emails) the ideas for notes that have been suggested, and the 
people who have volunteered to work on them. 

Finally, as has been pointed out several times already, no one from the 
OEP task force will be present at the f2f.   I plan to participate by 
phone for the designated time according to Guus' schedule, however I'm not 
sure what business the WG would like to conduct wrt this task force then. 
I expect I will give a quick summary of the work that basically follows 
the web page.


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