Suggested correction to 16 Sept meeting record


At the last SWBPD telecon I expressed some concern about the record
[1] of my discussion of the Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM) during
the 16 September telecon.  For whatever reason the following text from
that record doesn't seem quite coherent.

>the document that several e-mails have cited is a combined set of
>comments on the UML draft. No mapping has actually been produced yet;
>at least 3 submitter groups are working on mappings; "MOF Query Views
>and Transformations" . The next OMG meeting is in November [same week
>as our FtF]; would be useful to have input from SWBPD.

I suggest substituting the following paragraph in its place, and I move
that the resulting document be accepted as the official record for the
16 September 2004 SWBPD WG teleconference.

  The document that several recent e-mails have cited is an ODM draft
  the primary contents of which is a set of MOF meta-models for ontology
  development.  No mappings -between these meta-models or to OWL- have
  been incorporated, as of yet.  This is due in part to uncertainty
  surrounding the emerging MOF Query, Views, and Transformations
  specification [QVT] which should provide a means for documenting
  mappings such as these in the near future. The next OMG meeting is
  in November [same week as our FtF]. It would be useful to have
  feedback from SWBPD on ODM in time for that meeting.



Evan K. Wallace
Manufacturing Systems Integration Division

Received on Wednesday, 13 October 2004 20:20:51 UTC