[OEP] telecon summary

The OEP task force had a productive telecon today.  IRC log is at: 

Relevant actions:

ACTION: deborahM and ChrisW to write TF description [1] 
ACTION: DeborahM contact Jerry Hobbes for willingness to write an OWL_Time 
note [2] 
ACTION: Chris to ask Guus about numeric ranges [3] 
ACTION: ALR to talk to Manchester team about tutorial [4] 
ACTION: ChrisW to inquire about units and measures ontology [5]

We had some progress on new notes:

Simple partOf note: EvanW to lead, DebM and AlanR to contribute
Deeper partOf note: AlanR to lead.  ChrisW to contribute (note postponed 
until next year, unless a volunteer comes up sooner)
Fluents note: ChrisW to lead.  Alan and DebM to contribute

It is now looking unlikely that I will be able to attend the f2f, which 
means, I believe, no OEP members will attend.  I wonder if a criterion for 
future f2fs should be that each active task force have at least one rep 
that can make it?  Just a suggestion.


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