Re: [OEP] Co-co-ordinator and path forward

on meeting, i can not make oct 7 but could make a call oct 8 - 18:00 utc 
/ 11am pacific time  is good as is 17:00 10am pacific time.

i also met with natasha today and gathered her input on note contributions.


Christopher Welty wrote:

> I just spoke with Deborah and we agreed that I would resume my 
> originally planned role as co-coordinator of OEP.
> Over the course of the next month, we will be generating a list of 
> proposed topics for OEP notes in addition to the two Deborah 
> mentioned, and trying to solicit workers to write them.  We hope to 
> have something concrete for the f2f.
> I'd like to schedule an OEP telecon to discuss this as well.  Would 
> next thursday at 18:00 UT work for everyone?  That's Oct. 7.  I think 
> we have in OEP: Natasha, MikeU, Evan, Aldo, AlanR.
> Pat Hayes, you still around?  What about Enrico?  Nicola?
> Anyone else consider themselves in OEP?  Let me know if you could make 
> that time or propose another.  With this size group, we should be able 
> to get something that works for all.
> -Chris
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