Re: UK Government and Semantic Web Technologies

Hi Phil,

I appreciate your participation and am very glad to have IBM back on 
board.  It is wonderful to hear of such a large RDF/OWL project under 
way.  I would be very interested to see Mr. Gannon's documents if you 
can circulate them.

As discussed during the WG telecon, the SWBP is not keen to admit 
outside observers during the upcoming face-to-face meeting in Bristol.  
Still, I reiterate my position that I would like to meet Mr. Gannon 
during my time in England (outside of the confines of the f2f).  I have 
copied Guus Schreiber, the SWBP's other co-chair, in the hopes that he 
may be also interested.

The SWBP mailing list is copied for posterity.

David Wood
CTO, Tucana Technologies, Inc.

On Sep 30, 2004, at 11:44, Phil Tetlow wrote:
> David
> Im currently working on a project within UK National Government to 
> replace
> all adult related benefits  unemployment, disability etc. This is a 
> huge
> piece of work (est. $400m), involving multiple suppliers. As such, the
> Government is intending to use RDF, and most likely OWL, to create a 
> number
> of ontologies to describe underlying specifications, technical
> architectures, message flows, basically you name it.
> The guy we discussed on the call is called Craig Gannon and he is a 
> senior
> government Technical Architect. He has produced a number of documents
> outlining plans for metadata on the project. Ill speak to him tomorrow 
> and
> see if one or two of these can be circulated amongst the WG.
> I'm not sure if this mail should go out to the wg. If you think it is
> relevant, please feel free to forward.
> Regards
> Phil Tetlow
> Senior Consultant
> IBM Business Consulting Services
> Mobile. (+44) 7740 923328

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