Re: SVG templating language standards?

On 7/11/22 8:43 AM, Leonard Rosenthol wrote:
> Manu (etc.) – the biggest problem that you would encounter with this
> approach is SVG 1.1 (current version) does not support text wrap/flow, so
> that you will end up with a visual result that is probably not what you’d
> like in many cases.  And for some longer content esp. in certainly
> languages, most definitely not.
> SVG 2 supports flowing text, but it is still in development and therefore
> not wide support.

That's helpful, thank you, Leonard.

I agree text wrap/flow is an issue, but we've gotta go with something in the
near term. Some experimentation will tell us if text wrap/flow is a critical

I expect that we're not going to tie the solution to SVG 1.1 vs 2.0 -- we'll
stay vague there so that people can upgrade when the time comes.

We'll just need to put some warning text in the spec about overflow/text wrap
in the meantime.

-- manu

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