SVG templating language standards?

Hi SVG-ers, :)

The Verifiable Credentials WG has been rechartered to work on VC 2.0:

... and "display of VCs" is almost certainly going to be a topic of concern
over the next 18 months.

It has been suggested that utilizing SVG to provide graphical rendering of VCs
will meet the needs of 80% of our use cases. With that in mind, here's what we
have to work with:

* We have a JSON data structure containing variables
  that need to be rendered in an SVG file.

* We can reference an SVG file TEMPLATE or include one
  directly in the Verifiable Credential.

The questions to this group are:

1. Does there exist an SVG templating language?
2. If so, does it take JSON objects as input?
3. Any hints/pointers on previous attempts/failures?

We have been mixing SVG + a subset of Handlebars + JSON Pointer:

<svg version="1.1" width="300" height="200"

  <text x="150" y="125" font-size="60"
        text-anchor="middle" fill="white">

Note the use of "{{}}" in the SVG markup.

Any guidance from those who know better before we go down this path?

-- manu

Manu Sporny -
Founder/CEO - Digital Bazaar, Inc.
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Received on Sunday, 10 July 2022 17:26:08 UTC