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Yes! That is great. Thanks for the pointer Jeremie.


On 25. Sep 2019, at 12:28, Jeremie Patonnier <<>> wrote:

Hi Dirk :)

I think that what you are looking for is this As you guess, it's somewhat easier to discuss proposal and ideas through GitHub issues rather than a mailing list (however mailing list are great to help organize a group ;)


Le mar. 24 sept. 2019 à 18:07, Dirk Schulze <<>> a écrit :

What is the preferred way to send in proposals for features to the SVG CG? Should proposals get sent here to the mailing list first? Is there a GitHub repository where interested parties can add proposals as issues for instance?

I saw that there was at least one proposal on this list but it might be hard to keep track of proposals and replies on the list. Maybe GitHub could also add some visibility?


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