SVG working & community group joint meeting at W3C TPAC

Hello SVG community group members,

I'm currently at W3C TPAC, the annual gathering of all W3C working groups &

The SVG CG has some time set aside Thursday afternoon (Japan time, AKA just
over 30 hours from when I send this email). I know we won't have many
non-working group CG participants with us in Fukuoka, but I hope we will be
able to get some non-participants aware of the group & maybe turning into

My deepest apologies for the last minute reminder. As you may have noticed,
I haven't had much time for managing the CG the past few months. That is
why I would like to make the first agenda item:

   - How to create a better support system for the CG?

If anyone would like to suggest other topics for the discussion, please add
them to

If anyone who isn't here in person would like to call in to join the call,
please let Dirk Schulze (cc'd) know, so we can make sure to have the
equipment set up. It will be a teleconference via WebEx. We will also be
keeping minutes on IRC. The server is, the channels are #svg and
#svgcg. If you don't use IRC a lot, the easiest way to get going is via the
W3C's web interface at that URL. More here:

And of course, if you are here in person, I look forward to talking with

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