SVG Community Group at TPAC 2019

Hello SVG community,

A reminder that we have set aside time for a community group meeting at the
W3C TPAC meeting in Fukuoka this September.

The SVG CG meeting will be integrated into the SVG working group meeting on
Thursday 19 September, in the afternoon session. CG members are also
welcome to request observer status at the WG session the rest of the day.

Information about TPAC in general is here:

Important note: there is an early-bird registration rate that expires this
Friday, June 21. I'm not sure what timezone is used for that cut-off date,
so don't leave it until the last minute.

There is also a diversity fund to help reduce the cost for TPAC
participants from under-represented groups or regions, and a fund for
people who are active invited experts in working groups (CG participation
doesn't count as invited expert).

Information about registration & the subsidy funds is here:

Finally, apologies that I haven't been active on this group the past month.
I did set up the svg-cg GitHub organization <>.
Please let me know if you haven't been invited & want to be.  As part of
that, I created a projects repo for presenting proposals
<>. I've been meaning to write up
some guidance on what a proposal should look like, but in the meantime
please start filing proposals (as issues on that repo) for any projects you
want to start or want to transfer over to the CG.  There's one open
proposal from Jeroen Dijkmeijer
<>; please offer comments.

We also have a proposal from Robin Roper to set us up with an independent
URL ( Given that it's been two weeks since he requested a
decision of the group, and responses to his proposal
<> were all positive,
I'm taking that as an agreement. But I need to follow up & we can make it

~Amelia Bellamy-Royds

Received on Wednesday, 19 June 2019 16:53:53 UTC