SVG Advanced Gradients Community Group ; Closing group?

Dear Chris,

Your Community Group is among the groups launched more than 6 months ago  
with 5 people or fewer and is unused.
I propose to *CLOSE* it in 10 days, per the Community and Business Group  
Process [1] (relevant parts quoted below), unless there are compelling  
arguments not to.

SVG Advanced Gradients Community Group

[1] Community and Business Group Process  

Duration and Closure of a Community Group

Once a Community Group has been launched, participants may continue to  
work indefinitely, until the Community Development Lead closes the group;  
see the grounds for closure.

No less than ten business days before closing a group, the Community  
Development Lead must alert the participants. Once closed, no individuals  
may join, and discussions stop. However, W3C makes available information  
about closed Community Groups and archives of their communications.

Closed Community Groups are re-opened following the creation process.

Grounds for Closure of a Community Group
The Community Development Lead may close a Community Group in any of  
following circumstances:

     Chair Request. The Group Chair requests that the group be closed  
(e.g., as the result of a group decision, or on a certain date selected in  
advance by the group).
     Inactivity. The number of participants drops below 3 for an extended  
period, or because participant activity (e.g., as measured by  
communications among participants) ceases for an extended period.
     Agreement Violations. When, in the judgment of the Community  
Development Lead, the group has committed a serious violation of this  
policy, for instance exceeding its scope.

The Community Development Lead and Chair should discuss the group’s status  
before the Community Development Lead initiates closure.

Creation of a Community Group

Anyone may propose the creation of a Community Group. A proposal is  
“complete” when:

     It includes a name for the group (not already taken by a Community  
Group) and a scope description. The scope should be different than that of  
any other Community Group (but it may be the same, such as when two  
communities wish to explore two solutions to the same set of problems).
     Five individuals support the creation of the group. The W3C Forum may  
be used to build this support.

Once a proposal is complete, W3C announces the creation of the group  
(which includes its software infrastructure). This date is called the  
“launch date.”

The Community Development Lead does not formally approve proposals but may  
reject a proposal for a Community Group when the scope is likely to cause  
offense or confusion, is frivolous, or is overly broad.

  Coralie Mercier  -  W3C Communications Team  - +336 4322 0001

Received on Friday, 17 April 2015 09:50:01 UTC