RE: CSUN Test Event

Léonie Watson wrote:
> Doug Schepers wrote:
> "For those of you who are planning to go to CSUN, you should know that
> John Foliot is planning a hackathon for writing ARIA tests on the
> following Saturday. I plan to attend, and to write SVG accessibility
> tests that I hope some volunteers will run."
> I'll be at CSUN, but heading home before the hackathon. Will the test
> cases be posted somewhere? Will happily get stuck into some AT testing
> if they are.

The plan is to do just that Léonie. We are currently using GitHub.  From our 
man Karl Groves:

Unless there are any objections, I consider the database structure to be 
finalized and will proceed accordingly.

Similarly, unless there are any objections, I consider the user and 
programmatic interaction flow to be finalized and will proceed accordingly

Next Steps (feel free to jump in!)
Most importantly - and likely the kind of thing ALL of you can contribute to - 
is to determine (with a high degree of granularity) what it is we're testing. 
We should do so using Github's issue tracker and there should be one feature 
per issue entry.  Here's an example:

Again, this is the kind of thing everyone should be able to contribute to.

There are plenty of other things that need doin in the project plan - most 
notably in terms of design and content.

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