RE: agenda for the F2F

Hi Cameron,

Good work with the agenda! I've put my name down for scribe for the two morning sessions on Thursday and Friday. Additionally, I've uploaded a first draft of the Use Case and Requirements document for the Advanced Gradation discussion [1] on Monday.



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> Hello all.  I’ve arranged the agenda requests into a schedule for the
> week:

> Not much slack, there!  Please let me know if any of those times do not
> work for you, or if you think we need less/more time than I’ve
> allocated to a particular topic.  We can always shuffle things around
> during the week, of course.
> We will have the ability for remote people to dial in at any time
> during the week, so if you are going to do that, let us know so that we
> don’t move topics around to times when you cannot call.
> Thanks,
> Cameron
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