Re: color space conversions and alpha compositing

Hi Cam,

 I've implemented linear RGB interpolation using 16 bit channels
for accuracy so we have a pass for painting-render-02-b.svg from our side.

 See below:

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>Cameron McCormack:
>> I will run through a worked example here, and hopefully someone can tell
>> me if I am doing it right.
>If my example is correct, then in the two rectangles in this example
>should look the same:

I get the same '0xBB' as the other viewers after testing the implementation
so looks like things are OK. The spec. text does include the '0.055' term
in the conversion formulas, and so far it all looks consistent with the
other viewers (and I trust ASV colour conversion to be a better reference
than my own implementation).


>Cameron McCormack ≝

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