Re: ePub Restrictions on SVG 1.1

Hi Doug,

	I think you'll find that motivation for that is more around
being able to print an eBook.  The use cases probably cover that.
ePUB is a book format, not a web format.

	We should talk to JF since he represented company 'A' on
the standards groups for that, and I know someone high up in
the IDPF who may be able to shed more light on the matter.

	Either way, e-paper screens have terrible refresh rates
and every change chews power, so ePUB is more than likely aimed
for static page display for a number of good reasons.


--Original Message--:
>Hi, folks-
>We might want to talk to the ePUB (ebook format) folks.  In their latest 
>draft [1], they disallow SVG animations:
>2.3.3 Restrictions on SVG 1.1
>The SVG Animation Elements must not occur.
>This could be a performance restriction, which is reasonable, but not 
>ideal for electronic textbooks that may wish to have, say, animations of 
>molecules or orbits, or something.
>-Doug Schepers
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