Re: Grandfathering old test results/old implementations

Chris Lilley:
> Out of curiosity I looked in
> /WWW/WWW/Graphics/SVG/Group/repository/testsuite/1.1/status/publish
> to see what test results there were for SVG 1.1 first edition.
> ASV3-20021028.xml
> …
> zoomonTest.xml
> I wondered which of these were worth grandfathering in or retesting
> for SVG 1.1SE.

My initial thoughts are not to put the time into grandfathering or
re-running these unless necessary.  Many tests have undergone revisions
(which would require careful evaluation if grandfathering), and I am not
sure there is much value in listing unmaintained implementations in the
report, unless they help with getting two passing implementations for a
given test.  (Not to say that all of those in that list are
unmaintained, but some are.)

> I don't have ASV 3 or 6 installed but could probably put it on some XP
> box somewhere. CSV has stopped working for me, it may have a timebomb
> in it.
> I have a fairly recent eSVG still available (SVG 1.1 Basic) which is
> still developed
> and I have a build of BitFlash (SVG 1.2 Tiny).
> Looks like LXViewer is still being worked on and still has SVG support
> (its primary focus is DWG and DXF)

If you have the time to do a run through of those that are still being
developed, like eSVG, then that would be useful, I think.

IMO, let’s only try to get ASV running if we really need it for the

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Thursday, 20 January 2011 20:22:04 UTC