Re: tests that differentiate between SVG 1.1 Tiny, Basic and Full

On 10/12/2010 13:08, Cameron McCormack wrote:
> (I would actually prefer it if all feature string support tests were in a
> single test file.  People do look at numbers-of-tests-passed in test
> suites, and having a number of tests that would fail if particular SVG
> 1.1 Full feature strings are not supported I think would “punish”
> vendors for attempting to be more accurate with their feature string
> reporting.)


could the requiredFeatures="org.w3c.svg.static" line be changed?
org.w3c.svg.static encompasses a lot of things, and as such you would expect it
to be one of the last strings to be "turned on". It would seem more appropriate
for "" to be the feature
string that that test checks for. Can we make it so?


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