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On Friday, January 14, 2011, 3:52:42 AM, Cameron wrote:

CM> FYI, I sent out two LC comment responses to www-svg that never went out.

You mean they are still in your outbox?

CM> There is one more issue listed as WG Accept but Commentor No Reply, and
CM> that is the Changes appendix one.

I updated the tracker on the call to say Commentor Accept, but haven't re-run the generation of the last call document since.

CM>   Helder replied to that a couple of
CM> days ago, but it doesn’t really say whether the WG response has been
CM> accepted or not.

I took that to mean that he accepted that the changes appendix was relative to the last publication, and also that we were welcome to take his 'full changes' appendix if we wanted but that he was not able to help us with it currently.

To avoid each regeneration of the last call document adding noise to tracker, I had to place it in datespace where our tracker does not look for cvs changes. But that also means that only Doug and myself can update it.

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