please register for the Auckland 2011 SVG WG F2F

Hi everyone.

As mentioned in the telcon today, I’ve set up the registration form for
the upcoming face-to-face meeting:

Please fill it in as soon as you know you’re able to come.

For those of you who couldn’t attend the telcon today, please note the
requirements in the introductory text of the form stating a couple of

The first is to have agenda requests for the F2F in by Monday 7 February
2011.  This is three weeks prior to the meeting.  At that point, Erik
and I will organise the schedule for the week based on the agenda
requests.  Please just send and/or discuss agenda requests on
public-svg-wg.  We will leave some time during the week unallocated for
topics that come up later, but we would like to have the agenda pretty
much settled by that time.

The second is to have information on the wiki for the different agenda
topics by Monday 14 February 2011.  This is two weeks prior to the
meeting.  Erik and I would like to try having more preparation going in
to the F2F so that we may make better use of our limited time.

Every topic on the agenda will have one (or a couple of) people listed
who will be responsible for driving the discussion.  It is also that
person’s responsibility to prepare some materials for that topic on the
wiki by the aforementioned date.  I would encourage people to put as
much concrete information on the wiki as possible.  For example, as a
module owner you might have spec-ready text ready for consideration by
the group.  (It might be easier to have that in a spec itself and just
link to it from the wiki.)  Or, it might be that there isn’t a clear
design for some feature, so you want to have a discussion on it: in this
case, write up a summary of the issue and possible solutions to it.
Either way, going in to the meeting the other members of the group will
have a chance to read up on the issues or proposal and will be able to
hit the ground running when it comes to that session, and it should be
clear what the set of issues for discussion within a particular topic

There may be some topics that don’t have a natural single person to lead
the discussion.  In this case, perhaps everyone will contribute to the
list of issues to discuss on the wiki page for that topic and Erik and I
will just take us all through them on the day.  I hope though that we
can get someone to own each topic.

I’ve started an agenda wiki page:

which is linked to from the logistics page:

Erik and I will add entries to that “Agenda request” section as people
mail requests to the list.  Let us know (or just fix it up) if we
incorrectly summarise the topic.  Each topic will have a separate wiki
page, which will be linked to there.

Any questions, let me know.



Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Thursday, 13 January 2011 22:54:09 UTC