Re: using WOFF versions of FreeSans in addition to SVGFreeSans

On Thursday, January 13, 2011, 8:41:23 PM, Cameron wrote:

CM> Chris Lilley:
>> I have checked in an xml license file for Freesans (actually for the
>> whole GNU FreeFont set) at
>> Note the important exclusion in the license (the SVG test suite is not
>> covered by GPL just because it uses this font).

>> and have checked in all four faces of the FreeSans family (sans,
>> SansOblique, SansBold, SansBoldOblique) in the svg/woffs directory.
>> These include the above license file as woff metadata.

CM> Thanks for that, Chris!

CM> (I had tried out using fontforge to just delete the glyphs outside the
CM> ASCII range and then exporting to WOFF, 

Yeah subsetting OpenType is tricky. Besides glyphs and kern pairs there are also hints, stuff in gpos and gsub tables .... seemed easier to convert the whole font.

So for the actual tests, the woff should be added ahead of svgfreesansascii and be called just freesans

CM> but that wouldn’t get the
CM> license text I guess.)

Given its a GPL font, the fact that the font license prevents GPL propogating to content that uses it seemed important to capture.

I think FontForge has a dialog to select an external xml file for the license details.

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