Re: reference image for painting-marker-05-f wrong

On Thu, 30 Dec 2010 00:18:27 +0100, Cameron McCormack <>  

> Cameron McCormack:
>> FYI, it looks like the painting-marker-05-f needs an image patch.  The
>> “auto” column should clip the markers, according to the last dot point
>> in
>> Agree?
> I’ve done this now.  Note that this makes various implementations fail
> the test now (Opera, WebKit and Batik, at least) and makes Firefox pass!

I don't agree with that change. The last bulletpoint in the overflow  
property definition defines the initial value which is 'hidden' for the  
marker element, this is tested by the column in the test labeled  
'default'. The column labeled 'auto' tests the auto keyword, which  
according to the spec is not the same as the initial value: "Within SVG  
content, the value auto is equivalent to the value visible." (this is the  
fourth bulletpoint).

If you agree could you please revert this change?

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