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Agenda Proposal for TPAC 2010

From: Patrick Dengler <patd@microsoft.com>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 13:00:38 +0000
To: "public-svg-wg@w3.org" <public-svg-wg@w3.org>
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I know folks asked to update the Wiki. Since I am in flight, I am sending this hoping that it will reach you as soon as my machine gets a connection.  Perhaps this could help us organize our days.  Can we see if we can get this settled via email so we don't lose valuable face-to-face time?

Either way, I hope this is received as a proposal.

I’ve reversed what I would have done on day 1 vs. day 2 because we will want to front load the conversation with CSS.

Agenda / Proposal for SVG TPAC Face to Face Agenda
Pre Face-to-Face
•	Establish Concrete Time to meet with CSS about “FX” specifications
Day 1 – Center on Technology Prioritization / Integration
•	1 Hour – Consider each of the high level scenarios from Belgium
	o	Revisit SVG Scenarios and Prioritize to 1 or 2
	o	Establish General Path of Investments from Priorities
	o	Identify owner(s) for guiding principles with dates
•3 hours - Combined Transforms / Transitions / Animations 
	o	Feature Considerations (framed by animation write up)
			Close on scenarios	
			Consider more feature modularization: 2D + 3D, Transitions + Animations
			Conclusive about SMIL in HTML short term
			SVG DOM Rationalization
•4 Hours – Meet with CSS
	o	Discuss outcome of combined animation proposal
	o	Filters in HTML
			Examine Mozilla Proposal / Work
			Consider  <def> <use> architecture 
			Are ‘canned’ CSS ‘effects’ just macros for chained SVG filters?
		•	Are there new low level filters needed?
	o	Can gradients use this same design?
	o	Actions
			Scope work propose animations, gradients and filters
			Identify Specification Owner(s)
			Establish Reachable Goals for Dates and Last Call
Day 2 – Execution
(I feel that there is a lot of pent up desire to talk a little about the more distant future, so I have included a talk on SVG2 that didn’t fit on day 1)
•2 Hours - SVG2  
	o	Integrate  vector graphics and document constructs
	o	<foreignContent> or not?
	o	New SVG Work, e.g. Coons patches research (gradients)
•1 Hour - Close SVG 1.1F2
	o	Finalize Implementation Report Structure
	o	Set dates for SVG 1.1F2 Implementation reports
	o	SVG 1.1F2 LC status update
•2 Hours - Retrospective on last year
	o	What went well, what could have gone better, who owns making changes
	o	Propose cross working group guiding principles 
	o	Testing strategies, test guidelines and moving forward (related to test.w3.org)
	o	Reducing and Improving Face-to-Face time and telecon through technology
			Learn from other WGs
			Face-to-Face when required vs. every 3 months
			Temporary transcription help and editing resources from Microsoft		
			WebCam/Video Conference possibilities
•3 Hours - Establish Calendar Year 2011 Execution and Deliverables – Getting Started
	o	Create realistic (conservative) Publication schedule
	o	Clear (organize) issue tracker, cross-group linking


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Hi folks,

I couldn't figure out from the site whether or not the SVG Working group was assembling any other days than the times/days listed on the agenda for Thur/Fri?

Can someone give me full information on days/times that we are meeting.  I apologize if this is obvious and I just missed it.

I'm on my way to the airport, will arrive Monday morning and take the train there (if i can!)
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