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review comments on pservers-grad-23-f.svg

From: Cameron McCormack <cam@mcc.id.au>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 15:43:38 +1300
To: public-svg-wg@w3.org
Message-ID: <20101027024337.GL6526@wok.mcc.id.au>
I think if you want to test that the stop-color="red" on the <g> is not
inherited into the <stop> elements, then you would want to place a
stop-color="inherit" on the <rect>s themselves.  The <rect> will
otherwise have a computer value of “black” for its stop-color.  Or just
put stop-color="red" on both <rect>s.

Cameron McCormack ≝ http://mcc.id.au/
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