Re: ISSUE-2367 (copy-paste): Specify how SVG graphics and text are copy/pasted [SVG 2]

Hi, Leonard-

Leonard Rosenthol wrote (on 9/3/10 4:41 PM):
> Why is this something that needs to be standardized, as opposed to
> something that is application/implementation-centric?

Because without a clear indication on what to do, there is unlikely to 
be interoperability between different applications, which is the point 
of standards.  Many implementations may not even know what to do with 
SVG content.  Providing guidance may help them see new possibilities 
they hadn't considered, thus helping improve SVG's usability and 
suitability as an interchange format, as well as a dynamic interactive 
web format.  I would expect Adobe to want to have their SVG products 
behave as well as possible with other programs, since that helps the users.

> You can't know every type of application and how they will use the
> various elements contained inside the SVG.  And some applications
> give users choices (eg. "Paste Special") about how data should be
> transferred.

Of course, but we can outline several options for copy-paste and let the 
implementation decide which classes of pasting it is capable of and 
wants to support.  At some level, this may come down to what the 
underlying platform allows, but perhaps even that could be influenced by 
a spec like SVG, which has such broad support.

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

Received on Friday, 3 September 2010 20:18:56 UTC