Agenda Recommendations for SVG Face to Face

I've spoken to a few of you throughout the conference here. Since I won't be at the face-to-face, I thought I would recommend some key issues that everyone already has in their heads.

Resolving CSS Transitions, CSS Animations for SVG
Resolving CSS Transforms for SVG 
Resolving CSS Filters for SVG
If time:
Resolving SVG Box Model / Events (though I feel like our implementations reflect what we want to do here and since Ian is fine with our approach, so am I)

I think if you guys can just make a solid proposal that everyone across CSS/HTML 
-how will point of origin be resolve
-how to think about CSS filters (web developer) vs SVG filters (toolable, but also stylabe)
moving MANY more properties into styling
Simplifying type system (what happens to animVal?)
Can CSS Transitions plus an improve CSS Animations support the missing features of SMIL? (variable timeline, mpath, synchronization)

I hope to continue talking to each of you throughout the conference.

Patrick Dengler

Received on Tuesday, 31 August 2010 12:18:43 UTC