RE: SVG 1.1 2nd Edition Test Suite using svgweb (locally)

Thanks for responding Doug (et. al).  I hopped on the conference call today, but no one was on (did I miss a reschedule?).  

Either way I will see you all in Paris soon!

My responses are below: >>>> PATRICK :

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Hi, Folks-

Patrick Dengler wrote (on 8/16/10 8:50 PM):

> ex.html
> Why is it that the SVG Test Suite has the following:
> <!--[if IE]>
> <object src="../../svg/animate-dom-01-f.svg" width="480" height="360"
> classid="image/svg+xml"><p style="font-size:300%;color:red">FAIL</p>
> <![endif]-->
> <!--[if !IE]>-->
> <object data="../../svg/animate-dom-01-f.svg" width="480" height="360"
> type="image/svg+xml"><p style="font-size:300%;color:red">FAIL</p>
> <!--<![endif]-->

That's the special branch for SVGWeb, which needs special consideration. 
  For most purposes, everyone should be looking at one of the non-SVGWeb forks [1].

>>>> PATRICK : For most purposes I am sure people are. But not everyone is.  

> We don’t believe that classid="image/svg+xml" is valid syntax, nor do we
> think this is being vendor agnostic.

I'm not so sure that it's invalid syntax [2], though it is certainly a 
hack.  To be fair, this is targeted at versions of IE that don't have 
SVG support, so I don't think it's unreasonable.

>>>> PATRICK: In HTML5, classId no longer exists.  I am looking into expectations around classId in HTML4; but I may have spoken too soon here.

However, since SVGWeb also works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (in 
order to provide a consistent experience cross-browser), I see no reason 
we should specifically single out IE.  Maybe whoever put the harness 
together could speak to that?

>>>> PATRICK: My CVS isn't working (ugh, I'll have to bug Anthony again); either way I am not sure how a vendor specific implementation landed as a test harness.  Am I being unreasonable?  Shouldn't SVGWeb just work with the test suites?



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