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Hi all,

On Sun, 2010-06-13 at 13:04 +0100, Doug Schepers wrote:

> Folks, please join me in welcoming Tavmjong Bah to the SVG WG!

Thanks for the welcome!

> Tav, thanks for volunteering to represent the Inkscape open source 
> project within the SVG WG as an Invited Expert.  We look forward to 
> collaborating with you.  Would you like to introduce yourself.

Oooh, a self-introduction. Reminds me of when I worked in Japan. OK,
I'll give it a go.

 Yes, I've volunteered to represent Inkscape. Inkscape is developed by a
rather loose group of people so I am not sure anyone can truly represent
it but I'll do my best. My involvement with Inkscape began with writing
documentation about five or six years ago.  (It can be found on the web
at  as well as in print; see the links
on the website.) Later, I started to contribute to the code, focusing on
areas where I thought Inkscape really needed improvement like fixing
bugs the PDF and PostScript export. More recently, I rewrote the Text
toolbar, adding numeric control for letter-spacing, word-spacing, etc.,
as well as superscript and subscript support (via baseline-shift values
super and sub). This will appear in the soon to-be-released new version.

 Here are some areas of the SVG standard that are of interest to
Inkscape developers and users:

1. Multipage document support.
2. Standardizing layers.
3. Patterns along paths, vector effects, "power strokes", etc.
4. Diffusion curves, gradient meshes, etc.
5. SVG fonts.
6. Filters:
   A. Increasing bit depth to reduce artifacts.
   B. Margins.

 I look forward to contributing to the group!


PS. Tavmjong Bah is a nom-de-plume. It's an Nso (a Cameroonian ethnic
group) traditional title I received while teaching physics at a high
school in Kumbo, Cameroon. "Tavmjong" or more properly Tav Manjong
translates roughly as "leader in the warrior society".


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