Re: Proposed change to test template

On Friday, June 4, 2010, 2:12:33 PM, Erik wrote:

ED> Hi svg-wg,

ED> I think we should consider adding an attribute to the test template to
ED> flag tests as being manual/interactive.

ED> Rationale:
ED> - We can then automatically add the default operator-script text ("Run the
ED> test. No interaction required."), and if we ever need to change it it's a
ED> bit easier
ED> - I think it's a good idea to clearly document which tests require  
ED> interaction, and having an attribute means it's easier for the testsuite
ED> generation scripts to process them
ED> - It's a good first step towards automating the tests

I agree with your reasoning.

There may be a need for additional paragraphs of operator script for non-interactive tests, so if this is generated automatically it should add to rather than replace what is there.

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