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On Wednesday, May 5, 2010, 2:26:27 PM, Chris wrote:

CL> So in summary we have

CL> a) correct wording proposed by jwatt at a f2f and agreed by all present (including cameron)
CL> b) a couple of mysterious actions which changed that wording,
CL> making it incompatible with what implementations do and with SVGT1.2

CL> I am going to go through types.html and remove the erroneous "or in a
CL> property's corresponding <a>presentation attribute</a>"
CL> throughout, and restore the good wording that jwatt proposed and we all agreed to.


CL> I will add a test (on, say, stroke width) that checks that syntax
CL> if we don't already have one.

Also done, needs reviewer.

CL> Fix the definition of number to allow scientific notation in attribute values

CL> Fix the broken grammar for scientific notation in SVG 1.1 and 1.2T

and mentioning, for the record,
CL> (ACTION-2615)

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