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On Thu, 22 Apr 2010 18:38:46 +0200, Patrick Dengler <>  

> The other note was that, this being the case, we as the WG need to  
> remain vendor neutral.

Sure. I think the WG has an obligation to provide useful authoring  
information as well. I hope that these two goals can both be met.

> Despite Jeff's effort here, linking from the SVG WG to Codedread which  
> states boldly at the top of the page "NOTE: These web pages look much  
> better in a modern browser like Firefox, Opera or Safari or Chrome.  
> Please consider downloading and using one of these fine browsers" as  
> Doug noted by definition is biased and we need to remove that link.

And if that was not displayed on the page you'd be ok with adding the link  
back again?

I really think we need a resource like this (and more, but it's at least a  
start), sorry but I think we've just made the svg wg wiki less useful for  
people looking for svg authoring information.

> The primary outcome however of this discussion is that we need to  
> provide information to developers about the interoperable set of SVG  
> across browsers in a vendor neutral way.

This could be something for the SVG IG to look at.

> While I offered to submit the right set of tests to the SVG WG from  
> Microsoft, it was unanimously agreed that this would take up significant  
> time from the WG and this would be "very bad for morale to hold up 1.1se  
> while the test suite gets bigger" because it took a year to do this for  
> 1.2 Tiny.

As stated in the telcon, nothing prevents us from improving the 1.1  
testsuite at any point in time (we've done several updates in the past).  
This can be done after the 1.1SE is out too.


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