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From: Cameron McCormack <cam@mcc.id.au>
Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 22:00:22 +1000
To: public-svg-wg@w3.org
Message-ID: <20090525120021.GB5555@arc.mcc.id.au>
Hello WG.

Please find your assigned homework here:


As mentioned in the telcon, beware not to just blindly remove text and
use the replacement text.  You’ll need to perform a mental diff to make
sure you’re not overwriting any other changes in that spot.

If you’re editing the IDL or the descriptions of IDL members, just edit

If the erratum calls for editing the DTD fragment in a chapter, remember
that they have disappeared now, but that you’ll still need to make the
change in the DTD appendix (svgdtd.html, which isn’t auto-generated from
anywhere) AND the various flat/split-out copies of the DTD in

If the erratum calls for editing an example, check in the chapter source
whether the example is included via an <edit:example> element.  Most
are, but some (such as ones with multiple renderings in the chapter) are
not.  If the example source is included directly in the chapter, you’ll
need to edit it there and in the images/*/whatever.svg file.

If you need to link to an element, property or attribute, use:


If you need to disambiguate whether it’s an element/property/attribute,
you can do:

  <a>'filter element'</a>
  <a>'filter property'</a>
  <a>'style attribute'</a>

or if the build output tells you that it doesn’t recognise an attribute,
you can specify what element it’s on:


To link to an interface, do:


To link to a term, do:

  <a>presentation attribute</a>

If you want to add a term that isn’t yet recognised (it doesn’t pull
them from intro.html automatically), add a <term> element in
definitions.xml; just follow the format of the others.

Run “make” in master/ to build the spec.  Dependencies beyond the fact
that publish/blah.html is built from master/blah.html aren’t noticed, so
if you edit other files (such as definitions.xml, svg.idl or examples
and images), you’ll need to help it along a bit.  touch the chapter in
publish/ you want to rebuild, or just do a make clean && make to rebuilt
the lot.

If you add any files in master/images/ or edit files in master/style/,
you’ll need to copy them over and cvs add them in publish/ manually,
since the build scripts don’t sync images/ or style/ at the moment.

Any questions, let me know.



Cameron McCormack ≝ http://mcc.id.au/
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