Re: Thoughts on cleaning up SVG 1.1 for Second Edition

Cameron McCormack:
> Note also that I switched to using an XML file for the IDD, rather than
> the format used in 1.2T:

I changed my mind, here.  Instead of having two files — the IDL and
IDD — and trying to keep them in sync, I’ve moved the descriptions over
to the IDL file as javadoc-style comments.  For example in:

search for the three characters “/**”.

> This is the output of converting the IDL to an XML representation (with
> unreadable formatting), using my IDL parser:
> Eventually that file won’t be in the repository, and will be generated
> automatically.

I have added that automatic generation now.  It also extracts the
javadoc-style comments out of the IDL and includes them in the XML file,
so that publish.xsl can grab them out easily.

I’ve tweaked the format of the IDL section in the chapter a bit more,

Comments about the format/style welcome.

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Sunday, 5 April 2009 12:37:50 UTC