No SVG A11Y Task Force meeting this week

Most people are recovering from TPAC and we are waiting to hear the participation status of Fred Esch. To share my own experience, I landed in Austin at 10pm Saturday night only to find my battery dead. :-)

Consequently, there is no meeting this week. 

On a positive note, we did get a running automated test harness for ATK/ATSPI. Shane McCarron was able to get the Python to MSAA/IA2 bindings from NVDA. The test harness itself is also coming along well. Fred and I had contributed a fair bit initially and Joanie made changes to fit the automatic processing. 

Also, I just received IA2 IDL definitions for APIs supporting aria-errormessage and aria-details which I sent off to Freedom Scientific and the Google Chrome team. 


Rich Schwerdtfeger

Received on Monday, 26 September 2016 22:46:01 UTC