editorial comments on authoring guidance


Editorial comments on the SVG Authoring Guide. These are all wordsmithing
and don't change meaning.

Do you want to use the word performant? It is used in a few W3C docs, but
performant is generally not considered a word (outside of use as reference
to a performance).

You avoided using the term normative (actually non normative). Is this
intentional so it is easier to read?

The list of attributes all have the able suffix. Can we rewrite it to avoid
using the suffix? Something like

Specifically, this document demonstrates practical techniques for making
SVG documents that you can:
    read with a screen readers
    use as a component in other SVG
    search and index with a search engine and other text-based applications
    use in different authoring and viewing applications

The last paragraph I would suggest replacing
These are some techniques that are generally  with This guide uses
techniques that are
and replace Some techniques with And some techniques so the updated
paragraph would read

This guide uses techniques that are applicable across different use cases,
including document structure, document order, navigation, and text and text
alternatives. And some techniques are unique to specific use cases, such as
icons complex images, data visualizations, animated pictures, interactive
applications, or text-heavy images, each have their own optimization.

replaced element has stuff like image tags that are not showing up in the

General Techniques
I assume this is placeholder text. It doesn't make sense the way it is.

You need hierarchical headings under structure.  Shape Composition,
Grouping and Nesting

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