agenda 26 July 2016 SVG Accessibility Task Force Meeting --- This is now a Tuesday meeting ---

Hi all,
Just a reminder this is a Tuesday meeting.

This is a Tuesday 2pm Boston time meeting
Webex meeting link
irc: #svg-a11y
Meeting password: ping on IRC

Join by phone
+1-617-324-0000 US Toll Number
Access code: 645 955 799

Issue and Action Tracker
Minutes from last meeting

Round the table, news, additions for the agenda
News from SVG WG
News from ARIA WG
Publication status
Changes to SVG-AAM to support accessible use-element shadow trees (Amelia)
	Diffs are here:
	Compiled document is here:
Post ARIA 1.1 - Roles
	Do we want to separate roles from interactivity
	Avoiding overuse of roledescription

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