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Thanks, my apologies for the delay, I didn't have anything to add and reading the recent documents looks great to me.

I tried to close this, but it doesn't look like I can from my end. Please feel free to do so.

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From: Fred Esch []
Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 6:06 AM
To: Bryan Garaventa <>
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Subject: Action-1727


You requested to review the SVG accessibility mappings in September in Action-1727: Review svg accessibiity mapping spec. and provide feedback<> . Here are SVG accessibility docs that affect accessibility mappings.

WAI-ARIA Graphics Module<>
SVG Accessibility API Mappings<>
Graphics Accessibility API Mappings<>
SVG 2<>

And you may want to look at core mappings as well. If you are still interested in doing this review, we would appreciate it. If not can you please close the action. We have two wiki pages<> of testable statements which may also be of interest. Joanie Diggs is using them along with the documents for adding SVG accessibility support in webkit. She is almost ready to have her code reviewed, so if you are still interested in SVG mappings now is an optimal time to review, the specs are in good shape but we are not completely finished with coordinating with the core AAM and negotiating a few open issues with the SVG 2 working group.


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