Agenda: December 14, 2016 SVG Accessibility Task Force Meeting

Agenda: December 14, 2016 SVG Accessibility Task Force Meeting
This is a Tuesday 2pm Boston time meeting
Webex meeting link <>irc: #svg-a11y
Meeting password: ping on IRC

Join by phone
+1-617-324-0000 US Toll Number
Access code: 645 955 799

Issue and Action Tracker <>
Minutes from last meeting

- News: 
	- ARIA Graphics Module is now in the HTML Validator
	- ARIA 1.1 UIA mappings are in (Waiting on Mac Platform mappings)
	- ARIA 1.1 now being implemented in browsers for HTML (need to get SVG on board) 
	- Filter Parts fe*** are in the test harness
- Next Steps 2017
	- Chair? (Rich is Retiring and Fred cannot attend calls) We will need a chair. 
	- API Mappings for Graphics Module in browsers (Mozilla has been less focused on SVG). I can give this another go in 2017
- SVG 2 Status: What is in and what is out and when will we know?
- Status of our Documents
- Testing ToDos
     - Testing WIKI: <>     - Who can fill in the ToDos (16 elements to go) See Below  
TODOs - test harness
canvas - not provided
image - test cases says no mapping but in actual fact it is an img mapping. I recommend we map to ARIA img in core-aam
iframe - not yet provided
track  - note should not be mapped. 
Note: we have samples in the SVG spec.: <>    We should borrow from the SVG test harness.

Rich Schwerdtfeger

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