Re: role="text" mappings

That was my ideal mapping for role="mapping", but I can't promise it will
be implemented in Firefox in foreseeable future. Because of the
implementation complexity we agreed with Joanie and Jamie to go with role
only approach.

On Fri, Oct 16, 2015 at 11:33 AM, Joseph Scheuhammer <>

> Hi Rich,
> > Shouldn't the role="text" mapping include the AccessibleHypertextText2
> and hypertext , similar to the <p> element in HTML? for IA2
> >
> > Also, similar comments for ATK.
> 1.  This is actually a bigger issue.  HTML-AAM adds the relevant
> interfaces from IA2 and ATK/AT-SPI for all their mappings.  But, neither
> the Core-AAM nor the former UAIG did.  There is an issue or bugzilla that
> Jason (cc'ed) opened suggesting we add those to the core mapping tables.
> I have no objection to doing so, other than it's tedious and time
> consuming.  Let's address it at next week's AAPI meeting.  I'm cc'ing Alex
> and Cynthia for their thoughts -- Cynthia, are there simliar "interfaces"
> in UIA?
> 2. We spent the better part of one of our AAPI meetings on whether
> role="text" should support IA2 and ATK's AccessibleText interfaces. The
> problem was that the character/word information is problematic in certain
> cases, e.g.,
> <span role="text" aria-label="3 of 5 stars">★★★☆☆︎</span></p>
> The string "3 of 5 stars" has four words and 13 characters, whereas
> "★★★☆☆︎" is one (?) word with five characters.
> Joanie's suggestion was along the lines of stating that role="text" might
> implement an accessible text interface, with the caveat that it may not
> make sense in all cases.  (I'm certain I've not captured Joanie's thoughts
> accurately here).
> 3.  Should something with role="text" also support a hypertext interface?
> I don't see anything in the definition of the role to suggest that.  I'm
> confused:  wouldn't a role="link" be needed to support hypertext?
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