Re: agenda: January 31, 2015 WAI-PF SVG Accessibility Task Force

I agree. I have been digging into the none mapping and some user agents are
mapping these things to a panel object. That won't work either. If we don't
need a mapping it should be gone from the accessibility tree altogether.
So, I am considering overriding the default mappings for some platforms in
the user agent.

We also have to address the tabindex issue for any object not in our list.

For this release do people see any reason for stating that if an element is
not listed in the element mapping table that it is not mapped to platform
accessibility APIs while keeping the note in there about the tabindex


Rich Schwerdtfeger

From:	Amelia Bellamy-Royds <>
Date:	01/27/2015 08:20 PM
Subject:	Re: agenda: January 31, 2015 WAI-PF SVG Accessibility Task

One addition for the agenda: Default API mapping for elements not supported
by the browser

(Hopefully only an extra 5-10 minutes on Richards' discussion of edits to
the API mappings document)

This has come up a couple times as Richard has tried to implement the
suggestions from last week.  If the Accessibility Mapping isn't strictly
tied to a specific version of SVG (and it can't be, because the SVG spec
won't have strict versioning), browsers are going to encounter content with
elements they don't support, either because the element is obsolete or
because the element is new.

An important thing to consider is that unrecognized tags in SVG are not
rendered to the screen at all.  This is very different from HTML, where
unrecognized tags are just treated as `<span>` elements, and therefore can
still be styled into visible widgets, so ARIA still needs to be supported.

I think we should have a general rule for these cases, but I'm not sure
whether it should be to ignore the element (since it isn't displayed for
regular users) or to make it accessible (e.g., if the browser can't display
a video/audio element, all the more important to make the text alternative


On 26 January 2015 at 15:44, Fred Esch <> wrote:
  Time of meeting is 9:00AM EST, 14:00 UTC, duration is 1 hour
  Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, conference 2742 ("ARIA"), IRC channel is

  Please note we have a new IRC channel #svg-a11y

  minutes from January 23 meeting: ??
  SVG Accessibility API Mappings

  1. SVG Accessibility API Mappings  10 minutes Rich
  2. CSUN                   10 minutes Fred
  3. Taxonomy next steps       15 minutes Fred
    - Start expanding the taxonomy, put it on a Wiki?
  4. Scope task force effort -
       A11y not just for blind users (Amelia, Doug, Rich...)
      What will go into authoring practices vs taxonomy...

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