agenda: January 31, 2015 WAI-PF SVG Accessibility Task Force

Time of meeting is 9:00AM EST, 14:00 UTC, duration is 1 hour
Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, conference 2742 ("ARIA"), IRC channel is

Please note we have a new IRC channel #svg-a11y

minutes from January 23 meeting: ??
SVG Accessibility API Mappings

1. SVG Accessibility API Mappings  10 minutes Rich
2. CSUN		                   10 minutes Fred
3. Taxonomy next steps 	       15 minutes Fred
  - Start expanding the taxonomy, put it on a Wiki?
4. Scope task force effort -
     A11y not just for blind users (Amelia, Doug, Rich...)
    What will go into authoring practices vs taxonomy...

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