Re: Comments on SVG Accessibility Mappings -- Language and Scope

Thanks for the follow-up Richard.

One added complication I discovered, relating to the accessible
name/description computation.   SVG 2 will allow multiple `<title>` and
`<desc>` elements in different languages.  The accessibility computations
should accommodate this.

SVG 2 draft section:

SVG 1.1 does not have an explicit mechanism for doing this.  For visible
text there is the `systemLanguage` attribute that can be used to toggle
individual element's display, but for `<title>` only the first child was
ever supposed to be used, without allowance for language attributes (not
sure how many user agents enforce the first-child rule, or whether any paid
attention to `systemLanguage` on `<title>` elements).

Since the approach of the SVG working group is that SVG won't have strict
versioning, and new SVG features should be backwards-compatible, I don't
think the SVG Accessibility doc should have separate rules for SVG 2 vs SVG
1.1.  However, since the SVG 2 text hasn't been finalized, we don't want to
explicitly repeat rules that might become outdated.

Instead, perhaps include a more general statement that, if there are more
than one `<title>` or `<desc>` elements, the accessible name/description
computations will use choose one according to the rules defined in the SVG
specifications.  For the working drafts, you could add an Editor's Note
pointing to both the SVG 1.1 section and the draft SVG 2 section.


Received on Monday, 26 January 2015 17:58:52 UTC