Re: SVG2 Accessibility API Mappings

Hi Fred,

No. an IFrame really needs to behave like a div unless the author puts a
particular role on it. IFrames are used like divs today but with the
additional added value of isolating code for security and other reasons.

Yes, ellipse needed to behave like a circle. I noticed that when I was
doing the final walk through of the docs. It is now fixed in both the SVG2
spec. and the Accessibility API mapping spec. Good pick up!

Title is used in the name computation. It is an xml grammar where <title>
is like the title attribute in HTML. See the name computation section.
Additionally, <desc> maps to the accessible description. Title does not get
mapped to an accessible object. It gets mapped to the name for in the
associated parent element accessible object.


Rich Schwerdtfeger

From:	Fred Esch/Arlington/IBM@IBMUS
Date:	01/16/2015 11:17 AM
Subject:	SVG2 Accessibility API Mappings


The document looks good.  I have couple of questions/suggestions.
Ellipse should be treated similar to a circle :)
Should iFrame be treated similarly to a view or possibly like a canvas?
I don't understand why a SVG title element does not get a Default Platform
WAI-ARIA role mapping or a platform WAI-Role role mapping?
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