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SVG Accessibility task Force
16 Jan 2015


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         1.	Chart type Taxonomy
      Summary of Action Items

1. Reminder on SVG2 Accessibility API Mappings (Rich) 2 minutes

2. Action 1 update - where are we on definitions for staw man taxonomy
(Fred) 2 minutes

<richardschwerdtfeger> this #svg-a11y is 2742

3. Joint meeting with SVG WG (Doug) 5 minutes

3. Review of chart type taxonomy (Doug)


<scribe> scribe: fesch

rs: discussion on SVG2 Accessibility API Mappings

fesch: can start email threads on taxonomy definitions

<richardschwerdtfeger> fred: posted a .doc file of the taxonomy

<richardschwerdtfeger> fred: will post an HMTL version

doug: please use HTML format instead of docs

Chart type Taxonomy


<AmeliaBR> Doug's email:

doug: I think it is good to come from both angles - doesn't see a big
difference between the staw man taxonomy
... chart type taxonomy has more properties - roles, category, values,
parent applies to...
... describing axis

fesch: issues on "aria-axisdimension"

doug: may have different level of abstractions - depending on whether we
have well known charts or not

jw: aria defines a ontology which is a conceptional hierarchy, and we may
have very specific kind some may instantiate and some more abstract
... lets think of this a hierarchy

doug: in aria 1 you can't instantiate an higher level abstract role, we
will allow instantiating higher level roles

rich: discussion on aria-axisdimension can be a attribute...
... don't need to include role in the attribute name -ie aria-axisdimension
could be dimension

doug: thinks the long name aria-axisdimension makes it easier for software
to read it

fesch: discussion on axis vs dimensions

doug: lets delay detailed discussion on axis vs dimension
... described legends
... described dataset
... might have multiple datasets in a chart

fred: does a dataset = a table?

amelia: a dataset could be a table and rows are a data point

doug: data set may not = a table

amelia: likes term facet

doug: tried to limit aria roles and attributes to make it easy to put in
the SVG
... tried to map to objects in the SVG

rs: doug is saying axis is an important container... affects the mapping
specification which we need to consider

doug: advantage is you must be explicit so the screen reader can extract
the information

rs: each role has a defined name computation strategy - two ways to
approach it, name from content... we don't want name from context

doug: mentions different facets, x, y, legend, size.... might have
invisible facet in there

rs: what is strategy on axis labels?

doug: strategy varies
... for value min and value max might be better strategy than worrying
about axis ticks
... should have document on interaction modes

rs: graphs may be scrollable....
... do you think scrollable interaction is valuable or not?

doug: yes

fesch: defender view vs scrollable, zoomable - scrollable, zoomable get
whole chart, defender view - get a window - as a entire chart

amelia: likes strategy of focusing on mappings... will work on strawmen and
keeping stuff general

Summary of Action Items
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