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December 18, 2015 SVG Accessibility Task Force Meeting

From: Richard Schwerdtfeger <schwer@us.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2015 10:06:45 -0600
To: "SVG-A11y TF" <public-svg-a11y@w3.org>
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IRC log of svg-a11y on 2015-12-18

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      Date: 18 December 2015
15:08:27 [fesch]
      chair: fred
15:09:07 [fesch]
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15:09:14 [AmeliaBR]
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15:11:19 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      scribe: Rich
15:11:27 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      Topic: House Keeping
15:11:37 [fesch]
      ARIA test harness training at 1 pm
15:11:38 [fesch]

15:11:40 [fesch]
      +1-617-324-0000 US Toll Number
15:11:41 [fesch]
      Access code: 646 468 175
15:11:46 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: there is an aria test harness training session at 1pm today
15:12:54 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: In January Michael is going ot activate a tracker for the task
15:13:30 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: close out old defects in the the old tracker that are not
15:14:10 [richardschwerdtfeger]
15:15:23 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      Rich: I will set up doodle pole on new testing time
15:15:44 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      Doug: I will look into starting an automated test harness project
15:16:42 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      Topic: Fred’s updates on testing
15:17:05 [fesch]

15:17:09 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: I wrote a perl script to create the actual test files from the
      testable statements in the wiki
15:17:38 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: the test skips over the to do in the testable statement and
      creates a test file with a svg wrapper.
15:17:46 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: the orca browser does not complain
15:18:14 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: it puts in meta data for what is being tested. It captures what
      the test file is. the name, etc.
15:18:30 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: the point is the meta data can be used to set up the test
15:18:50 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: charles and leonie have had to use inspect to do the testing
15:19:22 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: I am building a seprate test that sucks in the json database
      files and through the use of radio buttons choose a suite of tests
      based on the svg or html wrapper
15:19:45 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: the other radio buttons will say whether you are testing the
      role or name
15:19:51 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: it runs 21-29 tests
15:20:21 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: you click on the button and it shows a separate window to look
      in the accessibility tree. The element you are testing always has the
      id of test
15:20:32 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: youl will alway be able to find the test manually
15:20:48 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: in the diagram it will show what the test is that is being made
15:21:03 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: I am going to put a button with pass or fail.
15:21:19 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: you can screenscrape the results and pass them on to michael
      cooper to record the results.
15:21:43 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: I should have a sample of a debugging test interface that you
      can put on your own personal web server.
15:22:06 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: anyone have any questions?
15:22:13 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      rich: I think we need to see it.
15:22:36 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      rich: if magically web driver gets updated quick enough then we could
      use it
15:23:42 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: the next steps in testing. We have 3, 4, or 5 things.
15:24:03 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: we need to look and see if the tests on the wiki are sufficient
      and whether they are valid.
15:24:20 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: then we need to look at the test driver is coming out Tuesday
15:24:32 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      amelia: do you have a place where the tests are available on line?
15:24:54 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: I will will send everything out on Tuesday.
15:25:33 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      rich: you are going to need hundreds of tests.
15:26:08 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: i did not all of svg
15:26:47 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: the default role mappings are in there
15:27:41 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      rich: did you do all the name computation work?
15:27:51 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: I think so but I need confirmation.
15:28:49 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: i did label and aria-labelledy as well as all the attributes
15:29:10 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: you can actually run the test, yeah
15:29:33 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      doug: should we have a telecon with the SVG working group
15:29:40 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      doug: we need to see where we overlap
15:29:50 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      doug: a lot of the older tests were manual
15:29:59 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      doug: some of the tests are automated
15:30:10 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      doug: SVG was hand done
15:30:32 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      doug: there are some autorun
15:30:37 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      scribe: Rich
15:30:47 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      rich: we need to coordinate testing
15:31:49 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      rich: how close are they to being done in SVG2? Do they have
15:32:11 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      doug: I think it will be more like Q2
15:32:30 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      RRSAgent, make log public
15:34:21 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      Doug: there is a face to face in Sydney in February
15:49:39 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      doug: We need a joint task force meeting with the main svg working
      group to get particular test going
15:50:17 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      doug: In addition to the types of tests that were already done I
      don’t knwo that we have a sort of a comprehensive list of things we
      need to test in SVG
15:50:50 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      doug: All the things that we need to test in svg (high level)
15:51:22 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: I will make a different page
15:51:57 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      doug: I will make the current page test assertions. The testing page
      will be a high level testing page.
15:54:40 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      rich: we need to test error conditions like an element with
      role=“none” and tabindex=“0”
15:55:18 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: that should not be an issue
15:56:54 [shepazu]


15:57:05 [shepazu]
      https://www.w3.org/wiki/SVG_Accessibility/Testing and

15:58:49 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: track and view don’t have a test
16:00:51 [fesch]
      if given <rect width="100" height="100"><animateTransform id="test"
      attributeName="transform" type="scale" from="2" to="3"
      repeatCount="3" dur="4s" fill="freeze"/></rect> then for id="test"
16:00:52 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: animate transform is an example of something that is not mapped
16:01:18 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: we need an example of every filter element to make sure it is
      not mapped.
16:02:19 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      doug: I can walk through the filters easily
16:02:33 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      fred: for evey todo here we need to populate it
16:03:28 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      Doug: the next meeting is January 8
16:03:36 [richardschwerdtfeger]
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16:03:45 [richardschwerdtfeger]
      chair: Fred
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      Rich Schwerdtfeger
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