Re: Generating Chemistry Examples

Dear Chaals,

Thank you for those links. I had a look and I can see that it should be 
quite straight forward to generate something similar automatically from 
my molecule examples.

However, what I can not see yet, is how I could represent my current 
navigation model in this format. In particular I struggle to understand
-- how elements can be shared between groups (e.g, we have R1-O-R2 where 
both groups share O and I want to navigate from [R1-O]-R2 to R1-[0-R2], 
if that makes sense).
-- how hierarchical navigation is supported.


On 2015-11-29 20:07, Chaals McCathie Nevile wrote:
> Dear Volker,
> On Fri, 27 Nov 2015 23:22:15 +1000, Volker Sorge
> <> wrote:
>> My apologies for never engaging again after I had shared the 
>> navigatable  chemical diagrams initially. I was simply too busy this 
>> year. But I  tried to keep an eye on the list.
> And my apologies for not engaging more directly with the stuff that you
> showed - for the same reason.
>> Now that there is a draft spec available, I was wondering if there is  
>> any interest in programmatically generating molecule diagram examples  
>> for the spec. If there is, I can have a look into that. (I can't 
>> promise  anything with respect to delivery time though!)
> I'm interested - I've been working with a habdful of techniques that 
> *sort
> of* work now - if you have the right browser and a bit of luck, as well 
> as
> getting the code right.
>> I am currently also looking at diagrams from Biology (phylogenetic  
>> trees) and Physics (circuit diagrams) that might serve as useful  
>> examples in the future.
> Both of those would be great kinds of examples. I mostly got together a
> simple tree diagram (there are a couple of bugs, but there is enough 
> right
> to show the idea) with some notes on what I did at
> I have a diagram of a reaction process I am also working on, but it's a
> mess really - I need to spend a day or so with it so it shows at least
> what I am trying to achieve. I'll put something up tomorrow at
> to
> explain what I am thinking about it…
> cheers
> Chaals

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