Agenda for April 10, 2015

Time of meeting is 9:00AM EST, 14:00 UTC, duration is 1 hour
Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, conference 2742 ("ARIA"), IRC channel is

minutes from the March 27 meeting:

Cognitive TK Interlock  Rich
Online SVG examples  Chaals

Open Actions

 ACTION-1584  open Put together use cases and requirements for  Fred Esch        2015-02-20 SVG           
                   deaf and hard of hearing people.                                         Accessibility 
 ACTION-1588  open Send email regarding pf group charter status Richard          2015-02-27 SVG           
                   and how it affects publication of api        Schwerdtfeger               Accessibility 
 ACTION-1589  open Update the accessibility appendix in the     Richard          2015-02-27 SVG           
                   main svg specs, to link back to the relevant Schwerdtfeger               Accessibility 
 ACTION-1599  open Connect with lisa seeman to have an          Richard          2015-03-27 SVG           
                   interlock discussion on cogintive a11y use   Schwerdtfeger               Accessibility 
 ACTION-1600  open Get with doug to build a starting navigation LĂ©onie Watson    2015-03-27 SVG           
                   strategy for charts                                                      Accessibility 
 ACTION-1601  open Take a look at the connector spec. and       Richard          2015-03-27 SVG           
                   develop navigation strategy and identify     Schwerdtfeger               Accessibility 
                   semantic points of interest                                                            
 ACTION-1602  open Find some stem graphics to consider as use   Jason White      2015-03-27 SVG           
                   cases                                                                    Accessibility 
 ACTION-1603  open Work with jasonw, markkuh and the universe   Charles McCathie 2015-03-27 SVG           
                   to discover how people do interaction…       Nevile                      Accessibility 

                    Regards,                     Fred         
                   Fred Esch                                  
       Accessibility, Watson Innovations                      
    AARB Complex Visualization Working Group                  
        W3C SVG Accessibility Task Force                      
                   IBM Watson                                 

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