Re: Possible Ambiguity in Translation of Group Graph Patterns

On 22/04/13 22:17, Jesse Weaver wrote:
> Public SPARQL Dev mailing list,
> In section of the W3C Recommendation of SPARQL 1.1
> <>,
> there appears (to me) to be some ambiguity in the translation of group
> graph patterns..  Specifically, in the pseudocode following "If the form
> is GroupGraphPattern", the third (non-blank) line says "For each element
> E in the GroupGraphPattern".  No order seems to be explicitly given
> (unless I overlooked some mandate elsewhere in the recommendation), yet
> the order seems to be significant since each iteration of the loop
> builds on the G from the previous iteration.  Could someone please
> provide some clarity on the matter or point out my misunderstanding?
> Thank you.
> -Jesse Weaver


You are right the wording could be better.  As it's a syntax 
translation, there is an implicit natural ordering, but it ough to be 

(this applies to SPARQL 1.0 as well).

I have added it to the errata.


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