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[CiE] COMPUTABILITY IN EUROPE 2010: Programs, Proofs, Processes - Ponta Delgada (Azores), Portugal, June 30 to July 5 2010 CiE (Wednesday, 2 September)

Does the expressive power of SPARQL include all forms of default negation? Chimezie Ogbuji (Tuesday, 1 September)

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Fwd: SPARQL performance for ORDER BY on large datasets Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 26 August)

Re: SPARQL Query Problem - perhaps solvable in 1.1? Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 25 August)

Dynamically Merging Multiple Named Graphs? Wood, Jamey (Sunday, 23 August)

Dynamically Merging Multiple Named Graphs? Wood, Jamey (Friday, 21 August)

Enumerate nested statements On Lee (Tuesday, 18 August)

List of statements On Lee (Monday, 17 August)

Retrieving all classes On Lee (Friday, 14 August)

Master's degree on "Semantic Web" - scholarships for Europeans Enrico Franconi (Monday, 3 August)

What's the diference between... Samuel Pedro (Thursday, 23 July)

CFP ISWC09 Workshop: Semantics for the rest of us Tim Finin (Thursday, 9 July)

AW: online job search engine by implementing Semantic search Dau, Frithjof (Wednesday, 1 July)

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