Re: Sparql query help

Samuel Pedro wrote:
> Im trying to do this query...
> SELECT ?subject ?object
> WHERE { ?subject owl:equivalenteClass ?object FILTER( ?object = "Meat") }
> im trying to find the equivalente Class of meat, but it doesn't return 
> what i want, what am i doing wrong?
> if i do this...
> SELECT ?subject ?object
> WHERE { ?subject owl:equivalenteClass ?object FILTER( ?object != "Meat") }
> i get all the equivalent class that there is in the owl. why?

Without seeing your data, it's hard to say for sure, but I think it's 
pretty likely that your classes are resources (URIs) and "Meat" is just 
a label for the class. If this is right, you probably want a query 
similar to:

SELECT ?equivalentClass ?meatClass
   ?equivalentClass owl:equivalentClass ?meatClass .
   ?meatClass rdfs:label "Meat" .

The details will vary depending on what predicate is used to give a 
label to your classes (in my example I assume that it's rdfs:label). 
Also, note that the label needs to be exactly "Meat" for this to work.

hope this helps,

Received on Friday, 12 June 2009 14:31:20 UTC